The Virgo’s are good at jobs that require mathematical calculations. The Virgo’ will work in areas like teacher, accountant, book publisher, story/script writers, statisticians, banking, auditing and astrologers. 

The Virgo’s are very efficient in planning, coordination and successful implementation of any projects that are entrusted to them. The Virgo’s are too successful in assisting with critical information to top politicians, bureaucrats and important public functionaries. 

The Virgo’s are quiet successful in back room analysis in various government departments like army, police and many important portfolios. 


The Virgo’s maintain very soft approach towards their employees. The Virgo’ follows carrot and stick policy towards their work force. But the Virgo’s are not able administrators. The weakness of the Virgo’s are the sudden use of abusive languages against their employees; and the too much soft approach or the appeasement of the employees; these are the two major stumbling block in Virgo’s management of a business enterprise. The Virgo’ will be deceived by their trusted employees at least once in their career life. If the Virgo’s are not careful, then there would be a possibility of unholy alliance spreading the web over them by their trusted employees and their close friends.


The Virgo’s are brilliant and certainly performs well over others. The Virgo’s are very particular about the recognition of their works. The money factors are secondary to the Virgo’s. The Virgo’s exhibits the excellent results and works high above their prescribed limits, if they are constantly applauded, recognized and awarded by their employers/supervisors. 

The Virgo’s are often used to grumble about the various issues that happen around them. If the employer or the management does not correct the corruption and the sleaze that are taking place in the work place, then the Virgo’s are too hateful on the employer. In that situation, the Virgo’s will lose their interests and works without any attachments. In that kind of situation, the Virgo’ will also jump into the situation and works against their own employer. 


The earnings done by the Virgo on their financial investments and assets will be sufficient to match the expense on behalf of their family and their family needs. The earnings done through their jobs/business will be sufficient to the needs of their spouse. The profitability of the business will not be the same for the Virgo’s. There will be large variations on the income source of the Virgo’s.

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