The Virgo’s are soft, responsive and intelligent in their characters. The Virgo’s places more trust on their mental strength than on their physical abilities. The Virgo talks in a very extensive manner. The Virgo’s will put in lot of their efforts on their speeches; they really try very hard to impress and express their views on others.

The Virgo’s extensive talks and elaborate explanations make others’ to lose their patience; they could also be easily tired and frustrated. The extensive speeches of the Virgo’s are their best assets and the worst liabilities.

They Virgo’ acquires extensive knowledge in most of the subjects; the subject ranges includes those are related to their business, family, financials and health. The Virgo’s carries the immense knowledge in the unrelated subjects, which does not have anything to do with their personal and business life.

The Virgo’ treats their knowledge as their proud possessions. The Virgo’s are very delighted, if they are asked to teach a subject or if they are asked to impart their knowledge to others.

The Virgo’s are very fearful in their heart; but they tend to behave as if they do not know anything about the fear factor in their life. But the Virgo’s are capable of solving any emergencies using their mouth and brain.

The Virgo’s are jealous, cunning and frustrated within their mind; they will not expose it through their words/actions. But the Virgo’s are the very good experts in showcasing themselves as innocent, unwise and totally peaceful in nature.


The Virgo’s have the tendency to treat others as stupid and dimwitted. The Virgo’s are extremely confident of their knowledge. These attitudes of the Virgo’s bring them very bad name with their friends, family and other known groups. The Virgo’s are very delighted to make fun of others.

The Virgo’s are the fastest in the world to arrive at a conclusion; to judge a person or events; and very quick on passing on the judgments. Sometimes the Virgo’s will find them in a tight spot if their calculation backfires.

The Virgo’s have the addiction to the talking. The Virgo’s will not be able to control their speeches in the middle. These addictions will land them in bigger troubles, as they unknowingly expose their inner feelings to others.

The Virgo’s are too sensitive and does not like the control of others over them. The over sensitiveness of the Virgo’s force them to take wrong decisions at the wrong time in their life; that force their life upside down.


The Virgo’s are very humorous peoples. The Virgo’s are good at cracking jokes and keep everyone happier too. The Virgo’ humor will center on their known peoples; they are good at imitating the activities and mimicking the voices of known and unknown peoples.

The Virgo’ has two faces, the first being humorous and the next being the angry faces. Thus the Virgo’ has the ability to shift forth and back from the humor to anger and vice versa.


The Virgo’s anger will have no limits and boundaries. The Virgo’s will lose all their mental balance and become too dangerous and aggressive, when they are in the angry mood. 

The Virgo’ will throw all the traditions into the wind, if they become too much angry. The Virgo’ will use the highly objectionable, harsh and abusive languages that come into their mind at that time.

The Virgo will forget about all their learned and experienced knowledge and behave like an illiterate at the peak time of their anger. Thus the Virgo’ will easily lose all their reputation and looks like an illiterate thug by committing all the commission and omission at the time of their anger.

The Virgo’ also comes down to the normalcy all on a sudden. Thus the Virgo’s will reach the summit of anger all of a sudden; and jump from the height to cool their anger. The Virgo will lose too much for their anger in their life.

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