The Virgo’s will have good education and the educational performances will be at the moderate level only. They are good at mathematics, science, engineering, general knowledge and astronomy. Their preferences will be on mathematical oriented subjects.

The Virgo’ studies by them selves; they are excellent book readers. The Virgo’s can not live without books & papers. The Virgo’ will have excellent grasping powers. If the Virgo’s are able to concentrate on their subjects for few hours, they will excel in those subjects. 

The Virgo’s can be called as book worms. The Virgo’s keep on improving their knowledge for the entire period of their life. The Virgo’s are treated as knowledge bank by their family and their close associates.

The Virgo’s are never tired of teaching anyone. In fact, the Virgo’s are more than willing to share the knowledge with others.


The grasping power of the Virgo’s will always comes in handy to improve their skills. The Virgo’ can be called as copy cats; they mostly develop low cost alternative technology fabricators. The Virgo’s are good at understanding the basic fundamentals of any industries/services/sequences to fully equip them to make an alternative platform. Thus the skills of the Virgo’s are not restricted to particular sector/subject. This could be treated as an asset for the Virgo and the same could also be treated as a liability too. This makes the Virgo to get their attention diverted and create confusion on their job/business.


The Virgo’s are known for their oratory skills dipped in humor. The Virgo’ has the capacity to speak in support of both the two different and opposite ideas; that too at the same time. The Virgo’ will be able to speak without any topics too. The best punishment for the Virgo’ is not to allow them to speak for a reasonable period of time.

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