The Virgo’ will not display very intimate relationship with their spouse. The Virgo’s might vary with their spouse on every issue. The unpredictable attitude of Virgo’ could seriously impair their relationships with their spouse.

The Virgo’s on most of the times will repent for the sudden decision taken by them on their marriage proposals. But the Virgo’s will never show their displeasure over their spouse either directly or indirectly. The Virgo’s are good at masking their disappointment.


The Virgo’s love their children too much. The Virgo’s choose to play with their children as equals. But the Virgo’s want their children to be extremely talented and skillful; they want their children to excel in their studies too. This makes the Virgo’s to be more vigilant on their children activities. Also the Virgo’ puts tight control over their normal activities.

This makes the children of the Virgo’ to be more distrustful of the Virgo itself. The Virgo’s could be disliked by their own children in their later part of the life.


The Virgo’s are completely tied to their family interests. The Virgo’s are always worried about their family’s interests. The Virgo’ prefers to spend more time with their family members. They would like to sacrifice anything to keep their family happier. 

The Virgo’s are extremely good at entertaining their family members, relatives and the guests. They Virgo’s make sure that their family and the relatives do not forget their outings and feastings; they make each event as memorable.

The Virgo’s are quite orthodox in their approach. They strongly insist on maintaining age old traditions on their family members. Also the Virgo’s have the habit of interfering in the personal affairs of their family members. Thus the Virgo’s are complimented by their irritated family members. The Virgo’s will earn a lot of discontent from their family members. 


The Virgo’s will have limited number of brothers and sisters. The Virgo’s will maintain strong affection for their brother/sister. They try to do with their best of ability, to help their brothers/sisters. 

But the Virgo’s will end up with bitterness and hatred shown by their brothers/ sisters. The Virgo’ will be forced to live away from their brothers/sisters, due to various reasons; living apart in far off places, family enmity or bitterness due to various reasons.

Also the Virgo’ itself will worsen the relationship with their brothers/sisters through their arrogant attitude and the brazen display of their wealth; also they tend to irritate more with the superior egoism. Thus the Virgo’s will not have cordial relationship with their brothers/sisters.


The Virgo’s start with very large amount of friends and end up being alone. The Virgo’s are quiet sensitive to their reputations. If the Virgo’ finds it hard to swallow the insults or abuses, they will not wait for the moment to break the relationship. But the Virgo’ will try utmost to be patience and keep the friendship afloat. If everything fails on reviving the friendship, they just walk out of it; and will never reconsider to start the friendship again.

The Virgo’s will soothe their friends with their words/actions; and expect the same warmth relationship from their friends too. The Virgo’s are the best people to have them as their friends too.

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